Aluminium – The Safe Solution

Svendborg Yacht Værft A/S is a company that specializes in developing and producing custom vehicles or vessels in aluminum.

Svendborg Yacht Værft participates in the development, solution and production of advanced special assignments for customers in international offshore, offshore wind, oil and gas, cable laying and ROV-handling in rough and hardly accessible marine environments. The company is engaged in developing solutions for research and climate environmental studies.

Teit Kjeldersgaard founded Svendborg Yacht Værft in 1993 with the intention to utilize the broad applicability of aluminum. The company has the capacity to develop solutions, manufacture complex and advanced products in high quality within the fields of industry, design, art/ sculptures, business, smaller ferries and yachts.

Svendborg Yacht Værft is a family-run company with its headquarters in Svendborg in the southern part of Denmark. The modern facilities of the company entails a production hall, a warehouse and administration spread across 1,500 square meters.

The company can handle units up to 6,5 x 6,5 x 25 meters indoors. The company’s total area is 5,500 square meters.

Svendborg Yacht Værft has solved tasks worldwide, from Vancouver in Canada to Darwin in Australia



NEG Micon
Nanu Travel, Grønland
Marine Hjemme Værnet
Hanjin Heavy Steel, Korea
Grønlands Naturinstitut, Nuuk


France Telecom
Copenhagen Port
Copenhagen Airport
CMP Copenhagen Malmö Port
København Havn


Søværnet Materialkommando
Vilhelm Lauritzen
Revlon Inc.
Realkredit Danmark

Svendborg Yacht Værft four main activitis are:

  1. ROV – Remote Operated Vehicles – Cable Survey, LARS (Launch & Recovery System), TMS (Tethered Management System).
  2. Offshore & Subsea – Powercable handling, Lifting Gear/Frames/Spreader.
  3. Ship building of work boats, motorboats and sailboats.
  4. Special tasks.